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Backflow Testing

How Can Annual Backflow Testing Helps?
If you want to make sure that only clean water is flowing through the plumbing into your business or home, you need to get in touch with W.L. Staton Plumbing for annual backflow testing. This is an essential way to assure that only safe and clean water will be flowing in the water line. In this sense, you are assured that serious health hazards will not exist.

Request ServiceThe Best Backflow Testing towards Potable and Clean Water
Municipal codes oblige people to install backflow prevention devices found within certain plumbing systems. These includes condominiums, food establishments, apartments as well as commercial and public places. The type of backflow prevention that needs to be installed should be based on the degree hazard present on the location.

Know More about Backflow
Potable or clean water flows under pressure through the municipal water line going to businesses and homes. When it comes to backflow it is the reverse flow of dirty water through the clean water lines. This dirty water can be already contaminated with pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers and even other hazardous chemicals. This may immediately cause a serious health hazard that may affect your life. Backflow primarily occurs at a cross connection in between the non-potable and potable water in industrial, residential or commercial system.

Why W.L. Staton Plumbing?
Commercial property in Annapolis County needs to have annual backflow testing and we are here to help. We can conduct backflow testing in your area through the help of our certified and skilled backflow testing expert. Apart from commercial properties, it is also idea for residential homes to have backflow testing periodically. This is essential especially to those old homes that don’t have enough backflow preventer installed in their area.

W.L. Staton Plumbing can give you effective services with your entire plumbing needs in Annapolis County Area. You can set an appointment with us especially when it comes to backflow testing. Call us today at (410) 263-5100 or send us an email by clicking on the Contact Us page.