Well Drilling and Reservoirs Installation & Repair near Annapolis

Well Pumps

Well Pumps

Request Service from WL Staton Plumbing CompanyWe are your one stop shop plumbing service provider’s expert in well tanks, well pumps, booster pumps, submersible pumps, jet pumps, including installation and maintenance. W.L. Staton Plumbing will install or repair the problem regardless of the depth of the issue. Call us and take benefit from our 24 hour emergency and holiday service.

Possible Well Problems

You can get our service if you notice these issues to your well:
•    No Water
•    Air In Water
•    No Water Pressure
•    Low water pressure
•    Sediment In Water
•    Surging Water
•    Short Cycling

We are expert in:
•    Flow Test
•    Deep Well Pumps
•    Water Testing
•    Reservoirs Maintenance
•    Reservoirs Installation
•    Pressure Tanks
•    Consent Pressure Variable Speed Systems
•    Pressure Boosting Systems

Reservoir Cleaning
In case you have a water tank in your home and it has not been cleared up, you may consider having it cleaned by an expert. In due course debris, and various elements and even the buildup of water minerals in the reservoir can affect the quality of your water supply. Call us and we will carefully clean all sides of your tank and disinfect it to make it free from any dirt.

Pressure Tanks
It is the most significant part of the pump system; improperly charge reservoir could lead to serious issues. A malfunctioning pressure tank will result to short cycling that can burn out other parts of the system and your pump in general. Call us now and we can examine your pump system before a small issue becomes a large expense!